Key attributes

  • Kills Coronavirus.
  • Kills 99,9% of bacteria and fungi.
  • Bleach Free.
  • Hygienically clean & shiny floors.
  • Removes grease & dirt.
  • Lasting fragrance.

Product information

Tuzz Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner provides hygienically clean, disinfected and shiny floors and surfaces around all your home. Its formulation kills 99,9% of bacteria and fungi, while being safe on homes with pets and kids. It also kills Coronavirus from your home surfaces, furniture and objects.

Thanks to its non-bleach properties it does not stain or harm surfaces.

Great for disinfecting a wide variety of home surfaces such as:
  • Furniture: High chairs and normal chairs, door knobs and handles, tables, bins.
  • Kitchen: Chopping boards, bins, fridges, microwaves, kitchen countertop, sinks.
  • Bathroom: bathroom sinks, toilets, toilet seat, showers, bathtubs, bins.
  • Baby & Kids: Changing mats, toys, high chairs, backpacks, pen cases.
  • Pets: pet toys, collars, pet carriers, bag holders and other accessories.
  • Any other washable surface you may want to disinfect.

Ensure usage instructions are followed correctly when using the product.

Before use, read label carefully. 

USED DILUTED FOR CLEANING: Pour 2 caps (60 ml) of product in half a bucket of water (5L of water). No need to rinse. 

USED NEAT FOR DISINFECTING: Pour on a wet sponge or cloth and apply directly on surfaces. Leave to act for 15 minutes. Rinse with water after use. 

Rinse all surfaces that will be in contact with people and food heavily with water. Do not mix with other chemical products. A pre-treatment test should be carried out to verify the compatibility of the product with the surface material. Keep the product in its original container and do not reuse.

Tuzz Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner is a biocide Product Type 2: Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals and Product Type 4: Food and feed areas. 

Standards of the European Union regarding disinfection: Complies with the Norm EN 13697 Bactericidal and Fungicidal and the Norm EN 14476 virucidal standard, also for Coronavirus.


  • BACTERIAS: Kills 99,99% of bacteria, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.Coli, S. aureus and E. hirae.
  • FUNGI: Kills 99,99% of Fungi, such as Candida albicans and Aspergilus Niger.
  • VIRUS: Kills Coronavirus. 

Pack size: 1,5L.