A team of passionate, curious and hard-working people
with a wide experience in hygiene, cleaning and disinfection for your home and skin

A big family with lots of expertise

Tuzz is created by a family business with over 50 years of experience and a team of 600 people whose aim is to transform people’s expectations into experiences and improve their quality of life. We are a team of passionate, curious and hard-working people with a wide experience in developing products for your home. We drive the industry through good quality and efficient products that you can enjoy and trust. We are experts in developing Cleaning, Dishwashing, Fabric and Personal Care products for the Home. Our background and know-how allow us to always look ahead and take the industry to the next level. For us, you as consumers are the most important part of our work. Your needs are always our key focus, and therefore here at Tuzz we all work towards a main goal: making your life simpler and better every day.

Driving innovation

Innovation is one of our key values at Tuzz, therefore we constantly work to offer you the best solutions for your home. Efficient and easy to use products that will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends while keeping your home sparkling and shiny. From market research, consumer and product analysis, design, formula and production to your home. We offer all the answers. We give you all the solutions.

We care about our planet

At Tuzz we are committed to the environment. This is why we use our experience, our research and the latest technologies to reduce the environmental impact of all of our products, operations and processes to the greatest extent possible. Respect for the environment forms part of the company’s DNA.


Because, at Tuzz, your safety always comes first.
We're on a mission to keep your home clean and shiny every day.

Safe formulas

Our formulas have been specially designed to take care of your home surfaces, fabrics and floors while being gentle on skin. Just ensure you check the labels to use the products correctly.

High performance

Efficient and powerful products that tackle that horrible stain on the first wash, remove stubborn grease from surfaces or build up limescale on your bathroom. Because we love clean, shiny and spotless homes!

Solutions for every need

We guide you through your cleaning needs every step of the way. This is why you will find a wide range of products under the brand Tuzz. Quality, safety and performance is a key attribute on every product we develop.

Great fragrances

We enjoy the scent of fresh cut flowers, sparkling lemons, ocean breeze and fruity notes. This is why, together with our perfume experts partners, we put all our love when developing the fragrances that will infuse your home and laundry every day.

Quality Assurance

In order to deserve your trust, we work with the highest standards of excellence, forcing ourselves to reach top quality performance and safety in every single one of our products.

Everything is tested both internally and externally to ensure we meet your expectations and make your life easier and better every day.


Our Planet

We constantly work towards minimising the impact of our industry on the environment through our production process and our products. All of our products are recyclable and we are working towards including recycled materials in all our products. The key to a circular economy is to reduce, recycle and reuse a high quantity of materials used during the product cycle. Our range of ecological cleaners includes natural ingredients, recycled plastic and is fully recyclable.

Your Families

We want to improve the quality of life for your family and you through products with high added value. Our structure allows us to learn more, follow new trends and turn them into solutions for you through innovation and continuous improvement. We also offer products that are safe to use on homes with babies, pregnant women and pets. Dermatologically tested products and sensitive formulations that are gentle on skin while being efficient and effective.

Our Team

Our company's greates asset is our employees. This is why looking after every single one of them is one of our priorities in the workplace. We want our team to always feel fulfilled, happy and capable of growing.

Our Partners

We coordinate strategies and share goals with our supplier partners. We build strong relationships with them and exchange best practices.