Key attributes

  • Ultra-Concentrated formula.
  • Extra power in every drop. 
  • Long lasting fragrance.  
  • Clean & shiny surfaces. 
  • Removes grease, dirt and grime. 
  • Can be used neat as well as diluted.

Product information

Tuzz All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Ocean Breeze is a universal cleaning solution for almost any hard-washable surface at your home. Thanks to its powerful cleaning agents it will leave your floors residue free, spotless and sparkling clean. It removes grease, dirt and grime from your surfaces to provide a sparkling shine.

Its concentrated formula ensures powerful results with every drop. Thanks to its auto stop cap you will be able to use the product easily and quickly, avoiding any spillage or overdosage. One squeeze equals one dose.

It has been developed to clean also with cold water, so you can save energy. Its smaller and more concentrated size allows you to save water and space in your home, plus it also saves some space in transport to reduce carbon footprint!

Its ocean breeze fragrance will infuse your home with a long-lasting pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Diluted: Fill in half a bucket of water (5 L of water). Open cap and press firmly with the bottle upside down until the liquid stops pouring in the bucket. No need to rinse. 

Neat: pour a small amount of product on a wet sponge or cloth and apply directly on surfaces. Rinse with water after use. 

Rinse hands after use.

Do not use on carpets, soft furnishings or polished furniture. Avoid prolonged soaking of wallpaper, plastic, painted surfaces or aluminium. Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not mix with other cleaning products. This product contains bittering agents to avoid product ingestion.

Pack size: 415 ml.