Key attributes

  • All in One.
  • Triple Chamber Capsules.
  • Clean, Protect, Shine.
  • Cuts through grease.
  • Tough stain removal.
  • Short cycle cleaning.

Product information

Tuzz All in One Dishwasher Capsules will remove even the toughest grease from your dishwasher, leaving your dishes and cutlery sparkling clean. Just one capsule will deliver high cleaning performance while protecting your cutlery.

This three-chamber formulation combines the power of liquid and powder that when released and mixed in the dishwasher achieve great cleaning results. They are wrapped in a fast dissolving film that completely dissolves in every cycle, even in short eco-cycles.

This All in One Capsule combine the following 19 cleaning actions::
  • Powerful clean
  • Glass protection
  • Dissolvable Film
  • Attacks proteins
  • Oxygen Technology
  • Rinse aid function
  • Filter protection
  • Salt function
  • Pre-soak action
  • Machine limescale prevention
  • Starch buster
  • Shine booster
  • Dissolves grease
  • Streak free shine
  • Tea stain removal
  • Short cycle cleaning action
  • Targeted tough stain removal
  • Stainless steel protection
  • Removes grease from your dishwasher

*it doesn’t protect from mechanical damage or restore already damaged items.

This product is also available with lemon fragrance.

Hands must be dry before handling. Remove food scraps and rinse heavily soiled items before loading the dishwasher. Load your machine according to manufacturer’s instructions. Do not unwrap or cut the capsule. Place one capsule in the dispenser. Close the dispenser, select an appropriate programme and switch on your dishwasher as usual. Reseal pack after use.  

Make sure all items are dishwasher safe and separate silver from stainless Steel. Wash metal items according to manufacturer’s instructions. For best results place the capsule in the dispenser. If the pouch does not fit in the drawer, place it on top of the cutlery basket. Certain items are not suitable for cleaning in automatic dishwashers: some lead crystal and decorated glassware, antique and hand painted porcelain, items with the pattern over the glaze, items with handles of bone, wood or some plastic materials which cannot withstand temperatures of about 70ºC, coloured or anodized aluminium ware, items with gold or other precious metal decoration. The salt action is effective in soft, medium and hard water. For areas with extreme hard water, please use salt.

Pack size: 426g (30 capsules x 14.2g)