Key attributes

  • Removes hidden dirt. 
  • Removes bad odours. 
  • Lasting freshness.

Product information

Tuzz Washing Machine Cleaner removes limescale, grease and grime leaving your laundry machine sparkling clean and smelling fresh. It also removes hidden dirt and bad odours.

Use monthly to prevent bad odours and ensure a clean and fresh laundry washing machine.

1- Ensure your washing machine is empty before use. Pour a small quantity of product on a sponge and wash the compartment of your machine. 

2- Pour the remaining content of the liquid in the detergent compartment and run a programme of 60ºC. 

3- Once the programme has finished ensure you clean with a sponge the residues of dirt from the door and the rubber

If it is the first time you wash your washing machine we recommend to use the product twice, one bottle per cycle at 60ºC.

For a high performance use a washing programme of minimum 60ºC. Do not mix with bleach or other cleaning products.

Pack size: 250 ml