Key attributes

  • Daily degreaser. 
  • Removes grease and grime. 
  • Sparkling clean & shiny kitchen surfaces. 
  • Citrus scent.

Product information

Tuzz Kitchen Ultra Degreaser is a Kitchen Cleaner that effectively removes grease, grime, oil and build-up dirt, providing clean and shiny surfaces to your kitchen. Its pleasant and fresh citrus fragrances will infuse your kitchen with a nice scent.

Ideal for kitchen worktops, tiles, sinks and kitchen work spaces. This powerful degreasing cleaner also works wonders on grills, extractor fans, oven interiors, microwaves, dishwasher machines and wheel covers.

Thanks to its degreasing action Wyx Kitchen Cleaner it is also suitable for fabrics as pretreatment stain removal. Remove greasy stains from your clothes before washing the fabric.

Follow the instructions depending on your cleaning needs: 

- Grills, cooktops, tiles, extractor fans, wheel covers: spray directly on the greasy surface. Rinse and clean with a damp cloth for shiny clean results.  

- Oven and Microwave interior: unplug the machine and ensure it is cold before cleaning. Spray the product and clean with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

- Dishwasher machine: fully load the dishwasher and spray 3-5 times. Place the capsule or usual detergent in the dishwasher drawer and run the dishwasher with your usual program. 

- Grease Stain Removal on fabrics: spray on the stained area and wash immediately. For tough grease stains, rub with a cloth. You can also pour 50ml of product into the washing machine detergent tray.

Not suitable for specific plastic surfaces (PVC, polycarbonate surfaces), dyes or varnished surfaces, compact quartz, ceramic hob, damaged induction hobs, hot or damaged surfaces, marble or porous materials. When applied to aluminum rinse immediately. Do not apply on home appliances with anti-fingerprint coating. Close and store appropriately

Pack size: 750 ml.